Aksid Corp

Aksid Corporation Limited was established in 2008. We are the leader in specialty construction solutions and products in Bangladesh. Aksid is the Prodealer and Certified Applicator for Sika in Bangladesh. We have offices and representatives in Dhaka and Chittagong. Aksid is trained and Certified by Sika to apply construction solutions in Bangladesh.

Quality Policy

  1. Knowledgeable staff
  2. High quality products and solutions
  3. Consistent standards and application
  4. Excellent customer service
  5. Timely Delivery
  6. Continuous improvement

Environmental Policy

  1. Aksid constantly encourages staff, partners and our clients to make informed decision and be proactive when it comes to thinking about the environment.
  2. We strive to be a leader in innovation to protect against harmful chemicals and construction malpractice which leads to waste and endangerment of the environment.
  3. Aksid believes in education and leading by example to make sure Bangladesh stays beautiful.

Aksid Corporation Limited the Certified Prodealer and Applicator of Sika AG is in no way owned, managed or part of Sika Group. This following contents are provided and owned by Sika Group.

For more information about Sika Group, please visit the official website at www.sika.com