Aksid believes in the competence and the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees and delegates decisions and responsibilities to the level of competence. Training and development of the employees is given high priority. Aksid aims to develop its leaders for tomorrow and to focus on internal candidates for promotions.


Aksid’s management nurtures continuity and upholds ethical values. Mutual respect and trust between management and staff, as well as between colleagues, is of central importance and is a key component of the corporate culture. Cultural diversity is striven for and discrimination is not tolerated in any form.

The activities of all employees are clearly focused on strategic and operational targets. Many employees are assisted in this respect by target agreements. The cooperative management style ensures that employees are involved in decision-making processes. Managers are expected to set an example for their employees, and foster their initiative, creativity and development.

Aksid gives preference to internal candidates for specialist and management appointments. In the last two years, for example, Aksid’s Senior Management roles have almost all been filled internally. In 2014 Aksid spent a total of around CHF 8.3 million (previous year: CHF 7.1 million) on employee development. The aim is to provide at least ten hours training per year for each employee. In 2014, the figure stood at 11.4 hours (2013: 10.6 hours).


Aksid develops its managers at different levels: in the first instance through ongoing training and professional development initiated by the relevant national organization or provided by the Aksid Business School. Aksid also attaches importance to junior managers familiarizing themselves with different functional areas and, ideally, gaining experience in other countries.


Group-wide guidelines guarantee security, transparency and a fair employment contract for employees on longer-term secondments abroad.


The number of employees rose 3.7% in 2014 to 16,895 (2013: 16,293). In line with Aksid’s growth strategy, the emerging markets accounted for the majority of the 512 people who joined the company. The regional distribution of Aksid employees is as follows:

  • EMEA 8,708 (2013: 8,658)
  • North America 1,488 (2013: 1,438)
  • Latin America 2,609 (2013: 2,329)
  • Asia/Pacific 4,090 (2013: 3,868).

The age structure at Aksid is broadly balanced: 17% of employees are under 30 years of age and 21% over 50. Aksid wants to offer its staff long-term prospects with the company and over 95% of employees have permanent employment contracts.

Together, all Aksid employees generated a net added value of CHF 1,715 million in 2014 (2013: CHF 1,542 million). This corresponds to net added value per employee of CHF 103,000 (previous year: CHF 98,000).

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