Demand for energy efficient doors which are attractive and low maintenance is increasing. Some key reasons for this are:

  • energy efficiency and comfort demands from consumers increase
  • scarce natural wood resources and
  • a trend towards increased thermal and noise insulation

As a result, the use of composite doors has grown to a point where this technology is now considered by many as the market standard.

By using adhesives it is possible to combine, in a composite door, the external aesthetics of for instance a wood laminate or the low maintenance properties of for instance uPVC, with the internal structural properties of for instance a wooden frame or paper honeycomb core or the thermal and noise insulation of a foam core.
Within its product range Sika has solutions covering all these applications for bonding, sealing, damping and reinforcing within the door panel manufacturing sector.


Both SikaMelt and SikaForce products are utilised in the manufacture of door panels because of their ability to bond a wide range of substrates including plastics often without the need for additional surface treatment.
Sikaflex is used for in-door glaze bonding and frame installation. SikaFast is used for structural assembly of door frames prior to installation.
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