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Refrigerated Trailers and Containers – Fresh Ideas for Cool Freight
Users and owners of modern trailers, refrigerator vans and containers across the globe demand lightweight, durable vehicles which operate in an environmentally friendly way. In order to meet this challenge, manufacturers must constantly find new solutions that enable improved build times, increased rigidity and strength of the body, offering an optimum payload capability and extending the longevity of the product, and all while remaining competitive.

Sika, as the partner to the global trailer, refrigerator van and container manufacturer industry, provides a range of state of the art technology solutions to assist manufacturers in meeting these challenges. As a specialty company for chemical products, we concentrate on our core competencies: Bonding, Sealing, Damping and Reinforcing.

As a globally operating company, we are partners to our customers worldwide. Sika is represented with its own subsidiaries in all trailer, refrigerator van and container producing countries, thus ensuring first-class order handling, delivery, application development, and technical and commercial support.

Truck Trailers

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Sandwich Panel Production

Trailer and container manufacturers use metal, wood, fibreglass and foam insulation in the production of side and rear walls, floors and roof structures. Increased efficiency in production is a critical factor for this competitive market place. Good thermal insulation and light-weight construction are required to provide enhanced performance and better fuel economy. The use of traditional fixing methods can result in buckling, deformation and denting of side and roof panels. Such issues require significant cost and labour to repair and rework. The use of adhesive bonding to fabricate the panels eliminates such risks and improves efficiency, quality and cost.
Sika provides solutions custom formulated to match with different customer process requirements. For example, systems are available with a wide range of press times, green strengths, open times and other key factors to adapt to the process needs of each customer’s manufacturing requirements. We offer one- and two-component polyurethane (PUR) technologies (SikaForce), as well as reactive hot-melt (RHM) technology (SikaMelt), for such applications.

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Assembly of the Body, Sealing and Bonding in Interior and Exterior

Recent years have seen dramatic changes in the styling and manufacturing of refrigerated trailers and containers. The mix of materials used to fabricate such equipment has also radically changed. The use of fibreglass composites and sandwich panel structures is now commonplace, as manufacturers seek to reduce vehicle weight, improve fuel economy, durability and enhance thermal insulation.
Sika can provide a range of high-performance solutions for body assembly. SikaForce two-component PUR adhesives demonstrate high strength, good flexibility and are capable of curing at room or elevated temperatures. Sikaflex polyurethane sealants and adhesives combine simplicity of application with excellent durability and adhesion. Sikaflex Hybrid, based on Sika’s silane terminated polymer technology, combines the performance of traditional Sikaflex polyurethane systems, but demonstrates additional benefits such as reduced substrate preparation and improved worker safety. SikaFast two-component adhesives combine low surface preparation and high tensile strength with rapid de-jigging and full cure.

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